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Scorebox Conversion

Scorebox Conversion

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Durant Scoreboards offer a range of LED cricket scoreboards available to clubs of all sizes and levels. We offer bespoke designs and of course we are able to convert existing manual score boxes and score huts to electronic thanks to our score box conversion option.

A lot of clubs and schools are now looking for an electronic scoreboard solution for their grounds. Durant Cricket are experts in installing bespoke electronic scoreboards and have successfully installed them at clubs and schools all over the UK and Ireland.

We will survey your clubs facilities and provide a tailored scoring solution to suit varied requirements and budgets. From professional county cricket ground to small village clubs, we’ll have the right solution.

If you purchase a scorebox conversion, we include the Play-Cricket Scorer Pro cable free of charge, so you can connect it to a laptop and get started straight away with no extra cost.

We can upgrade an existing score hut by replacing the fascia with a black laminated marine ply board and retrofitting the electronic components. This is typically a more traditional cricket scoreboard that can be controlled from inside the score box or from the pavilion. A scorers window or table can also be accommodated if required.


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