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V Pro Elite Training Net

V Pro Elite Training Net

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The V developed out of an idea and a need for extra batting practice for cricket enthusiast Peter Robb’s two cricket mad boys. The key to the design and function of product is the V shaped net. The V net design, now internationally patented, encourages and strengthens play in the V. Playing in this zone is the core technical strength of the worlds best batsmen. The V team are committed to developing and evolving products, with a focus on ease of use and enhancement of function. Designed for indoor and outdoor use and enabling practice on your own, The V ensures the fast tracking of a batsman’s development.

  • Learn to move, improve footwork, play the ball late and improve strike power
  • Train all year round on any surface, inside or out
  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for players of all ages and skill levels
  • Practise on your own
  • Encourages and strengthens play in the V, and cuts and pulls can also be practised
  • Reinforce coaching drills
  • Provides intensity of practice not offered by traditional training methods
  • 35 minutes a day allows 100s of balls a week to be hit – a muscle memory machine
  • Builds and conditions key muscle groups
  • A valuable sports injury rehabilitation tool
  • A daily fitness device
  • Rubber feet for a stable base
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