Smart Hub

Smart Hub – New for 2024!

All our standard range of electronic scoreboards can now be operated from our new smart hub, eliminating the need for a scoreboard specific remote control. If you can use the PCS app on your phone, you can control the scoreboard, no longer is there a need to worry about pressing the wrong button on a complicated control console. 

The smart hub enables the scoreboard to be operated directly from:

1. Play-Cricket Scorer Pro on a laptop

2. Play-Cricket Scorer App using the bluetooth connection on both mobile phones and tablet devices.

The smart hub is a small device that takes the information the scorer enters on PCS/PCS Pro and broadcasts it out to the scoreboard. The smart hub can be permanently mounted near to where the scorer sits, or can be moved easily if the scorer wishes to sit elsewhere, such as in the sun close to the boundary on a nice day. The capability is even there for a junior coach who might also be umpiring to score on play cricket scorer on their phone, with the smart hub in their pocket, sending the signal to the scoreboard, all while stood out in the middle. 

The smart hub is battery powered (via an external battery pack/power bank, supplied separately) and can be configured for mains if intended to be permanently mounted, and is incredibly easy to set up and use. Multiple smart hubs can even be positioned on the ground to cater for scorers using more than one scoring position.