Scorebox Conversion

Here at Durant Cricket we’re aware that score boxes represent part of a club’s history. For that reason, we are the market leaders in offering a full bespoke design and build service for transforming new and existing traditional score boxes.

We have carried out numerous installations on all types of score boxes; please contact us to view a scoreboard installation near you in advance of your enquiry.

Design and Builds

Our score box conversion service includes:

  • Free survey and scale drawing of agreed layout.
  • Choice of information.
  • Made to any size.

We will survey your club’s facilities and provide a tailored scoring solution to suit varied requirements and budgets. From professional county cricket ground to small village clubs, we’ll have the right solution.

We offer a free site survey or consultation via a site visit or video call to ensure the best layout for the scoreboard at an affordable price, ensuring that both the history and tradition of the scorebox is maintained.

On all existing scoreboxes, the existing facia will be removed and fitted with a new CNC machined black plastic-coated ply facia.

The existing scorebox facia structure will be checked and replaced where necessary.

On a newly built scorebox we provide a full turnkey solution if required, including advice on the size and layout of the new scorebox and fitment.

All our digits are fitted into an aluminium frame with a Lexan polycarbonate front offering protection from the elements and vandalism. The framed digits are then fitted into the CNC machine apparatus in the new black facia.

All of our scorebox conversions come with Play-Cricket Scorer Pro which can be operated directly from a laptop and/or Bluetooth mobile or tablet device. Our new smart scorehub eliminates the need for a scoreboard specific remote control.

We can upgrade an existing score hut by replacing the fascia with a black laminated marine ply board and retrofitting the electronic components. This is typically a more traditional cricket scoreboard that can be controlled from inside the score box or from the pavilion. A scorers’ window or table can also be accommodated if required.