Non-Turf Installations

Ever wondered about the timeline for building a non-turf cricket pitch or cricket practice lanes? At Durant Cricket, we streamline the process, making your journey from vision to reality a seamless one…

Crafting Excellence: From Design to Construction

Taking your project through the design and planning phase constitutes a significant portion of the project’s timeline. At Durant Cricket, we ensure meticulous attention to detail during this phase, setting the foundation for a successful facility.

Efficiency in Construction

Once planning permission is secured, our construction program comes into play. Depending on the scope of the project, this timeline spans from as little as 1 day to a maximum of 6 weeks. Rest assured, our experts orchestrate every step with precision and efficiency.

Longevity Ensured

The longevity of a non-turf artificial cricket surface is a testament to its durability. With proper maintenance and construction, a well-chosen synthetic turf system can grace your facility for up to 20 years. Variables such as weekly usage hours and maintenance practices play a role, and Durant Cricket is here to guide you every step of the way.

Performance Par Excellence

Non-turf cricket pitches are a testament to consistency and safety. At Durant Cricket, we construct these pitches in strict adherence to ECB (England and Wales Cricket Board) regulations, utilizing approved materials. Rigorously tested for ball rebound, surface hardness, and rotational resistance, our pitches guarantee suitability for both match play and practice sessions.

Weather-Proof Quality

An undeniable advantage of non-turf pitches lies in their resilience against the unpredictable British weather. Unlike their natural counterparts, non-turf pitches offer unwavering performance, regardless of external conditions. With Durant Cricket, your facility’s quality remains steadfast, irrespective of the elements.